Sara Soulati Health For Life Program

Sara Soulati Health For Life Program
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hydrate Every Day Says Sara Soulati

Did you hydrate today?

Sara Soulati is creator of a lifestyle program and within the educational component are 35 days worth of handouts and audiotapes to teach people to control life by eliminating risk factors for disease.

One of the days' themes is about water. Why hydrate every day? The Sara Soulati Health for Life Program is patent-pending and it blends lifestyle medicine with EECP.

When you visit the two centers managed by Sara Soulati and her teams, you will learn a lot about how you can prevent heart disease with the tips offered by Sara Soulati. For example, when you come in on day three, you will hear about tips to hydrate and why water is the Magic Elixir.
Most people don't have a clue why they need to hydrate; but, if you listen to the Sara Soulati audiotapes you'll soon find out!

To give you a sample of Sara Soulati's teachings on lifestyle, we include some basic reasons why you need to hydrate to help your body remain healthy.

Sara Soulati Hydration Tips

  1. Drink several liters of water when you get up and then a total of a gallon of water throughout the day. You'll:

  • Have healthier skin
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Cushion and lubricate joints and muscles
  • Keep the bowels regular
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Help burn fat and build muscle
2.  Looking to lose weight? Water is the best secret when it comes to losing weight. When you hydrate, you keep the stomach full of water and you feel fewer hunger pains. Try it!
3. Your kidneys need water.  These two organs help dilute minerals and salts and other toxins from your body. Without the proper levels of water, you could develop kidney stones that would need to pass through the kidneys and urinary tract. Very painful!  
4. Water hydrates your skin. With enough water, you can hydrate and plump the skin to make it elastic. Winter is a difficult time for skin. When you shower in hot water, the skin becomes dry, flaky and dead. When you shower in temperate water and you hydrate your skin shows you're taking care of it.
5. Your tummy needs water to help digest the foods you're eating. You already know how intricate, long and curvy the intestinal system is, right? With the proper amount of fluid, you can help the stomach digest foods and contribute to an easy bowel movement, too.

About Sara Soulati Health for Life

This lifestyle medicine program includes five elements that contribute to making you a champion for your best health and longevity. We combine this program with EECP, the alternative cardiovascular disease therapy that reverses and prevents heart disease with the Sara Soulati Health for Life program.

We encourage you to come in for a free EECP session and learn the power of both EECP and the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program. Please call 310-412-8181 to schedule!

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